Lesson 2: Company Structure and Communication

  1. Warm-up

– Review vocabulary from the previous lesson.

– Discuss the importance of communication in a company.


  1. Grammar Focus

– Introduce and practice using modal verbs (should, must, could) for giving advice and making suggestions in a work context.

– Example: “You should communicate with your colleagues regularly to ensure everyone is on the same page.”


  1. Vocabulary Building

– Learn and practice vocabulary related to communication channels and methods in a company (e.g., email, meetings, memos).

– Discuss appropriate language and tone for different communication contexts.


  1. Listening Activity

– Listen to a meeting scenario where colleagues discuss a new project.

– Comprehension questions focusing on understanding the decisions made and actions assigned.


  1. **Speaking Practice (15 minutes)**

– Role-play different scenarios of communication in a company: giving feedback, making suggestions, and resolving conflicts.

– Encourage students to use the modal verbs and communication vocabulary introduced in the lesson.